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Hello world! first post

2013-02-28 20:01:58 by VenomEXsoldier

I've been here for quite some time now so mate as well introduce myself. Am a Digital Artist & Graphic Designer! I draw, do designing for Ads, I also do a bit of flash animation but only tech stuff which am not sure if I post it on Newgrounds.
Am usually active in but I like to share my art a little more than just one site. So I decide to come to newgrounds and share my stuff. I been in this site a long time ago when I just come by here and just play flash games. I remember watching Madness the first time when I had dail-up xD good times. So I well be posting my artwork along with deviantart, so if you like my stuff check out the rest of my gallery!

Well that's pretty much it, I can't think of anything else to say so yeah....PEACE

Dinosaurs are awesome!


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2013-03-01 00:32:00


VenomEXsoldier responds:

Thanks :D


2013-03-02 22:14:19

Welcome to NG, watch out for trolls and flamers.

VenomEXsoldier responds:

Thanks! :)
Well do.