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Hey guys just a small update that theres another commission (Dino related) that is coming soon but I wanted to know what you guys like to see next. Want me to do a Video game fan arts? having a Dinosaur in there and eating everyone? Comment below and let me know. Can give me ideas to draw something :)

Old random drawing I did there xD bit stupid but felt bad just leaving it behide there

What you like to see more of me? (More Dinosaurs?)

Am back from the army!

2013-08-18 01:14:53 by VenomEXsoldier

Well I have finally return and now am going to be starting commissions in deviantart, if you want to commission me head over to my Deviantart page!

Well yes for those of you did not heard. Reason why am going there to raise some money for my Animation Course! Am planing to be an animator just like my brother and the only problem is its a lot of money to pay. Which is the reason why the Army is going to cover a bit of it and also to be physical fit and learn something new.

Alright well am just going to enjoy the last few days before I head to the army and wish me luck! Cya in 2 months!

P.S I mate do some commissions when I come back. You'l see some more Dinos!

Hello world! first post

2013-02-28 20:01:58 by VenomEXsoldier

I've been here for quite some time now so mate as well introduce myself. Am a Digital Artist & Graphic Designer! I draw, do designing for Ads, I also do a bit of flash animation but only tech stuff which am not sure if I post it on Newgrounds.
Am usually active in but I like to share my art a little more than just one site. So I decide to come to newgrounds and share my stuff. I been in this site a long time ago when I just come by here and just play flash games. I remember watching Madness the first time when I had dail-up xD good times. So I well be posting my artwork along with deviantart, so if you like my stuff check out the rest of my gallery!

Well that's pretty much it, I can't think of anything else to say so yeah....PEACE

Dinosaurs are awesome!